How to be a good member of #TeamKentucky

Now is the time for Kentuckians to band together and set an example for the nation of how to hold each other up in times of crisis. Gov. Andy Beshear often refers to “Team Kentucky,” the idea that we as a people are working together for the greater good of the Commonwealth.

Here are a few ways to support #TeamKentucky now:

1. Watch daily COVID-19 news updates from Gov. Andy Beshear on YouTubeFacebook Live or your favorite news outlet and follow the latest directives. Be sure that your sources of information are trustworthy. Getting new information directly from Gov. Beshear, the CDC and WHO is best.

2. Wash your hands! One of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 is frequent and thorough hand washing.

3. Know when to seek help. By following these guidelines, we can keep health facilities at a reasonable capacity.

4. Practice social distancing. Keep at least 6 feet distance from other people at all times. This doesn’t mean total isolation – you can still go for a walk in the park, pick up food from your favorite local restaurant curbside, or meet in small groups with safe distancing.

5. Be mindful of your mental health and the health of others. Here’s a handy infographic from Team Kentucky with tips to relieve anxiety and stress.

— Rachel Nix

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