How many gallons will it take to paint the Sherman Minton Bridge? Contest launched as paint prep begins

By Hayley Robb, Building Kentucky

Preparations for bridge painting began last week as part of the Sherman Minton Renewal project. The painting portion of this major rehabilitation project will not only give the structure an attractive new finish but will also protect the bridge for many years to come.

Sherman Minton Bridge Painting Plans

Lane restrictions will be in place for eastbound and westbound directions on the Sherman Minton Bridge so crews can secure rigging for painting platforms. One-lane daytime restrictions will be used with two-lane restrictions possible at night. Painting will occur during all phases of the project and will begin on the upper truss.

A canopy will be placed above the westbound deck and will create a roof-like appearance above the upper deck of the bridge. This canopy system will provide the painters a safe working platform and protect vehicles from falling debris.

The first step of the painting process will be to blast the steel to ensure the surface is free of existing paint and rust. One coat of primer will be followed by an intermediate coat of paint and then the finish coat to add the color and final layer of protection from the environment.

Guess the Gallons Contest

The correct number of gallons will be based on the surface area within Point A and Point B of the above graphic.

On July 19, the Project Team unveiled its “Guess the Gallons” contest focused on the finish coat portion of the painting process. The contest provides an opportunity for the public to guess the number of paint gallons estimated to paint the finish coat on the Sherman Minton Bridge and support their community in the process.

Six winners will receive a $100 gift card to one of the participating restaurants surrounding the Bridge including West Louisville’s The TableSweet Peaches and Lucretia’s Kitchen and New Albany’s Board and You BistroMESA, A Collaborative Kitchen and The Exchange Pub + Kitchen.

“I’m very excited to be a part of the Guess the Gallons contest. During COVID-19, our community has suffered enormously. I’m grateful to the Sherman Minton Renewal project for this opportunity that will help bridge the gap and bring our community back together.”

Pam Haines, owner of Sweet Peaches located in West Louisville

Each local restaurant is located within a six-mile radius of the Bridge allowing the Project Team to celebrate its connection to the West Louisville and New Albany communities.

“The Sherman Minton Bridge is so special to us because it helps bring so many new faces through our doors each day. We’re honored to participate in this contest and look forward to having a restored bridge so that we can continue connecting with people on both sides of the river well into the future.”

Julia Anderson, director of operations at New Albany’s Board and You Bistro

The contest closes August 16, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. The winners will be announced the week after. For contest details and to submit guesses, visit

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