Holiday gift ideas for Kentucky pets

This year has been tough on everyone, but it’s been especially hard on our pets. We’ve depended on our animals more than ever as friends, companions and loyal protectors.

They deserve something special for the cuddles, laughs and long walks that will make the holiday season merrier.

7 Gift Ideas For Your Furry Friend

1. Sweet Treats: Nothing says the holidays like warm cookies and a scoop of ice cream. The same goes for your pet. Gift them their favorite treat or try something new like this maple bacon ice cream. Give them a sundae-style scoop or just a taste for good behavior.

2. Cat Window Perch: The winter months will have never felt so good with this window perch and hammock. It suctions onto the window giving them a front-row seat to all of the birds and squirrels in the outside world.

3. Festive Pet Collar: No occasion, no problem. Your pet can still look good while lounging around the house this holiday season with this festive bowtie pet collar.

4. Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed: While you’re cozied up under a blanket by the fire, you can make sure your furry friend stays warm too. This thermo-snuggly sleeper heats up to 102 degrees while safely resting above room temperature when not in use.

5. BarkBox: This covers all your bases for your bases from chew toys to treats to bones. Gift your pet a treat and toy box to give them something to open this year.

6. Fluffy Fleece Pet Blanket: This fleece blanket will make the perfect snuggle spot for any pet whether it’s a rabbit or a cat. For under $10, this blanket will become your pet’s favorite spot in the house.

7. PetFirst Pet Insurance: By the end of 2020, its estimated pet owners will spend $99 billion on their furry friend. And it’s estimated that almost a third of that will be spent on vet care and product sales. Health should be at the top of every animal owner’s list this year. Gift PetFirst pet insurance this holiday season because it allows you to save while protecting your pet all year long.

— Hayley Robb

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