Opinion: How P3s can tackle global health challenges

By Berry Craig IV
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

To advance global health around the world, aggressive targets have been set by the United Nations to mobilize action as set forth in the Sustainable Development Goals. The business community plays a critical role in these efforts by providing products and services to help meet health care needs.

But if the business community is going to help scale up efforts to deliver real progress, it’s crucial that it look beyond its own operations and proactively partner with the public sector to tackle the world’s most difficult global health challenges through the formation of public-private partnerships.

The private and public sectors must listen and collaborate. Private sector companies need to listen carefully to understand a partnership’s true vision and goals.

As a result of listening and collaboration, a private sector company is better able to determine the unique set of assets it can contribute to support the program. Assets can include deep technical expertise, human resources, financial support, and product donation.

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