Harrodsburg plant receives $450 million of support from Apple fund

By Beverly Bartlett, Building Kentucky

The Corning plant in Harrodsburg, Kentucky is famous for developing the glass fronts of every generation of iPhone.

Now, Apple is awarding Corning Inc. $45 million from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to expand manufacturing capacity and fuel continued research and development. All told, Corning has received $450 million from that fund over the past four years – supporting more than 1,000 jobs from Corning.

The iPhone 12 lineup included “Ceramic Shield” glass – an innovation that means higher optical clarity and was funded in part by Apple’s investment in Corning.

Apple’s news release noted that Corning’s well-established training and education programs were part of what ensured they had the specialized workforce necessary to make advancements like Ceramic Shield glass.

“It means a lot to me — personally and professionally — to be part of a company that invests as much in its employees and its community as it does the latest innovations,” said Jason Alexander, a mechanical maintenance associate who has worked at the Harrodsburg plant for more than 20 years.

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