First Lady Beshear joins Maryhurst to celebrate holiday art gallery

By Dominic Manecke, Building Kentucky

Maryhurst, First Lady Britainy Beshear and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicaid have joined together to help young women heal, reflect and express themselves through art during the holidays and all year long.

A long-time advocate for Kentucky’s children and former Maryhurst board member, First Lady Beshear visited Maryhurst’s student artists to discuss their artwork in a first-of-its-kind holiday art gallery and painting series made possible by grant funding from Anthem. Counselors at Maryhurst facilitated the art workshops as part of its residential program, a campus-based therapeutic environment where young survivors of abuse live, receive therapy, and prepare for family placements or independence.

“It’s encouraging to see organizations like Anthem supporting a cause that is so important to the Commonwealth – and one that I care deeply about. Maryhurst’s holiday art gallery is an inspiring example of how transformative art can be. The artistic process has the power to heal and connect us during the toughest of times, allowing us to find hope and strength in community.”

– First Lady Britainy Beshear

Transforming lives for years to come

In addition to the gallery, and as part of their ongoing commitment and support for mental and behavioral health in Kentucky, Anthem donated $10,000 to Maryhurst’s existing art program, including future therapeutic art projects, outdoor installations and any relevant art materials.

“At Anthem, we recognize and understand the vital role that mental health plays to ensure young people reach critical developmental and emotional milestones. As part of our ongoing commitment to improve overall health outcomes for individuals and families across the Commonwealth, we are pleased to provide Maryhurst’s brave, young women a creative outlet to express their emotions and feelings on their path to build brighter, healthier futures.”

– Leon Lamoreaux, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicaid President in Kentucky

Hope for a brighter tomorrow

This year’s painting theme, “thankful for what I have been through, proud of where I am going,” illustrates the hardships of the past year and hope for the future.

“At Maryhurst, we strive to equip our girls with the tools necessary to heal and lead successful, independent lives. Giving these young women an outlet that sparks passion will help inspire and empower them as well as restore hope that will extend undoubtedly into many aspects of their life and adulthood.”

– Paula Garner, Maryhurst CEO

Saving lives and strengthening families

The Maryhurst artwork will be displayed at its Dorsey Lane campus through the end of the year. The gallery at Maryhurst is viewable by invitation only.

Maryhurst currently serves more than 700 children and families every year. Anthem’s donation is anticipated to help serve more than 300 young women for the next two and a half years, including onsite projects allowing the girls to leave their mark on the Maryhurst campus for years to come.

For more information about Maryhurst’s art therapy program, visit

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