Enjoy every bite, without the guilt: Tips to bring to the dinner table this Thanksgiving

By Hayley Robb, Building Kentucky

The holidays can feel like a big bump in the road or even worse an opportunity to fall of the wagon with your previous goals.

Here are a few tips to bring to the dinner table this year:

Forget the calories

The holidays are a few days out of 365. It is not representative of what you do daily. Instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t be eating, focus on the small decisions you can make like adding more color to your plate or drinking more water.  The holidays are a time of celebration, and we can use the days after to get back on track.

Focus on eating slower

Eating slower can help us gauge how full you truly are. Make a point to take a drink in between each bite or put the fork down while talking to a friend. By the end of the meal, you may surprise yourself and decline a round of seconds. Instead, you’re saving room for dessert!

Incorporate drink rotations

The holidays are also a time for socialization and alcohol. When you’re getting together with friends you haven’t seen in a while or family members from out of town, it can be tempting to have one too many. You can still stay social by implementing a non-alcoholic beverage in between each alcoholic drink. Have a tall glass of water or a sprite with a lime, to dress it up – that way you’ve got a drink in hand and still feel social without regretting it in the morning.

Prioritize movement

The one thing we can all do this year is get outside and move. Grab a jacket and go on a walk while catching up with out-of-town folks. Organize a family ‘Turkey Trot’ and run before you put the bird in the oven. Physical activity and fresh air carry so many benefits for our mood, muscles and mental health. Get out and move!

Enjoy the moment

Again, the holidays are a few days out of the year. Give yourself grace and enjoy time with the people you love and food that tastes good! Be present and say ‘thanks’ to the people who make your life better.

If anything, the pandemic has shown us what’s truly important. Don’t let health and wellness distract you from what matters.

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