Emerging Smart Cities Rely on Public-Private Partnerships

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

While the self-driving car isn’t readily available to consumers on the market, the age of autonomous vehicles and smart cities is upon us. Transportation, infrastructure, energy consumption and public safety will all be altered as cities transform to the modern age, opening the door for new public-private partnerships.

Governments are already looking to expand cities in an effort to intertwine development with the digital market. Experts argue that the most efficient way for cities to mesh the two is with help from the private sector with experience in technology.

An example of a state already using the P3 model to create such changes is Nevada. The Nevada Center for Advanced Mobility recently partnered with private tech company Nexar to launch the first statewide vehicle-to-vehicle network in the United States. Studies conducted in Nevada will help other cities to optimize infrastructure and transportation safety plans as more transition to smart cities.

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