Denver Exploring Options to Create Citywide P3 Administration

By Nolan Miles
P3 Kentucky Staff Writer

The Denver International Airport hopes to secure a public-private partnership to help fund its $1.8 billion expansion. But this could be just the first of several P3 plays in the city as looks look to grow.

Public-private partnerships are supported by Denver Mayor Mitch Hancock, a key player as the city looks to expand event venues, the convention center and build a new performing arts center.

While the discussion to support the airport’s P3 proposal are in play by the City Council, plans have been created to form an administration dedicated to overseeing the work of public-private partnerships in the city.

“So we’ve traditionally had three forms of government: the executive, the judiciary and the legislative. And the P3 is kind of forming this hybrid fourth arm of government,” Councilman Paul Kashmann told Hancock in a mayor-council meeting. “And I just think it does make sense for us to look at — as it takes a greater role in how we run our city — how that might need to play out.”

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