COPs Financing for New Capital Plaza Project Closes

The Commonwealth of Kentucky, in conjunction with a development team led by CRM Development Company of Lexington, on Feb. 22 closed a financing for a new P3 state office building project to be built on the site of the old Capital Plaza Tower on Mero Street in downtown Frankfort, Ky.

Investment in Kentucky’s transportation system vital to all

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin recently unveiled his priorities for road and bridge projects through the release of the next statewide highway plan. This 250-page document identifies projects and project phases totaling $8.6 billion through 2024. But, because current state and federal transportation funding is woefully inadequate, only 30 percent of the identified needs have a chance of being addressed.

Kentucky Tourism Cabinet Seeks OK For at Least $125M in P3 Projects

Five of Kentucky’s state-owned tourism destinations could get at least $125 million in capital investments and improvements from private partners if the Kentucky General Assembly approves provisions in a state budget bill.

Trump Infrastructure Plan Recognizes Need to ‘Think Big’

The Trump infrastructure Plan illustrates the dramatic need to repair the nation’s infrastructure and invest in states like Kentucky.

Kentucky’s ‘First’ Local Government P3s Move Forward

Many across Kentucky have been watching officials in Madison County closely as local leaders advance two public-private partnerships that could provide important insights into Kentucky’s relatively new P3 procurement process. Officials there are closing in on a decision for the first P3 project and have received initial bids for the second. The two projects are expected to help the county address a growing drug epidemic and significant overcrowding in its jail.

Need a Sign that Louisville’s Economy is Growing? Here’s One: A Water Pipe

Talk of economic indicators typically includes references to the stock market, interest rates and inflation. But there’s another factor worth looking at in the Louisville area these days: miles of water main.

Tax Reform Has Real Impact on Commercial Real Estate Industry

The recent federal income tax legislation is the most sweeping income tax law change since 1986. It provides a host of tax planning and structure opportunities across industries, including commercial real estate.

Study: KY Transportation Improvements Provide 3-to-1 ROI

A new economic analysis released today found that Kentucky’s economy could gain an additional $3.33 for every dollar invested in transportation.

Bevin Talks Roads, Airports and Gas Tax

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin was the closing speaker at last week’s three-day Kentucky Transportation Conference, talking to attendees about the importance of Kentucky’s transportation infrastructure and how the state is attempting to address massive needs to improve it.

Can We Avoid a Snowpocalypse Using P3?

A lot of local leaders are thinking about snow this week, bracing for bad weather as we get deeper into winter. That made me start thinking. This is a significant problem nearly every state and community in our region deals with. How do we allocate the right amount of public resources to address a real issue that only comes once in awhile?