Positive job growth anticipated for Kentucky through 2026

Each of Kentucky’s 10 Local Workforce Areas (LWA) is expected to have at least 33 occupations grow by 20 percent or more in the next 10 years. This growth will account for more than 280,000 total job openings.

Kentucky shelters among the group receiving 15,000 dog treats

Two Kentucky animal adoption organizations have been shipped an extra supply of dog treats as part of a celebration by PetFirst Pet Insurance on their 107th anniversary. (In dog years. In human years, that’s 15.)

17 Kentucky counties added to Appalachia Proud region

Ryan Quarles announced at the Shaping Our Appalachian Region Summit the new county additions, highlighting the bright future of regional agriculture.

Kentucky based hemp business expands to Virginia

Tami Maria O’Dell and husband Robert Huttick expanded their Kentucky-based hemp business. In July, they planted 190,000 plants on 50 acres in Virginia.

Creative Mornings Monthly Meetings Grow Statewide

Creative Mornings help people get connected and learn who the culture-makers are in their communities — ultimately driving them to feel more rooted. Lexington and Louisville chapters have well attended monthly meetings.