#CaringforKY campaign highlights health workers outside hospitals

Not all nurses work in hospitals. A social media campaign is gaining momentum showcasing the faces of health care workers outside the traditional medical facilities. Hashtag #CaringforKY has been adopted by long-term care facilities across Kentucky to shine a light on their front-line health workers.

In western Kentucky, one assisted living facility has featured several of its caregivers on Facebook. River’s Bend Retirement Community thanked each ‘health care hero’ for fighting to keep Kentucky’s most vulnerable population safe.

In northern Kentucky, Rosedale Green made its health workers into real superheroes! They had a caricature artist sit outside and draw team members as superheroes from a safe social distance through a window. The memory care, rehabilitation and long-term care facility also posted letters and emails of support from families and supporters of those #CaringforKY.

The Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities/Kentucky Center for Assisted Living shared a poem written by a resident of Clinton Place in western Kentucky to its administrator. The association also shared a post about behind-the-scenes workers thanking laundry, housekeeping, and environmental services managers for their part in #CaringforKY.

In Louisville, Hillcreek Rehabilitation and Care showed how you too can be a hero to Kentucky’s elderly population. Show that you are #CaringforKY by following their tips to keep yourself and vulnerable aging Kentuckians safe.

Is there a long-term facility caregiver you think deserves a special thank you? Post on social media with #CaringforKY to show your love and support.

Rachel Nix

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