Cambridge Place holds ‘graduation’ for COVID-free residents and staff

One Lexington-area long term care facility found a fun way to celebrate a major milestone. Cambridge Place held a graduation ceremony for its staff and residents who recovered from COVID-19.

Administrator Cara Clark and Cambridge Place team member organized a parade of friends and family to drive by the facility for the celebration. The event was a clever way for loved ones to see residents in a safely distanced way while the facility is closed to visitors due to the pandemic.

The graduation ceremony was a much-appreciated morale boost to those Cambridge Place who had a difficult fight with COVID-19. The honks of car horns and flashes of brightly colored signs brought smiles to many faces at Cambridge Place that day. Each COVID-free resident walked one-by-one across a makeshift stage to pick up their diploma indicating victory over the virus.

Thankfully, most staff and residents who had been sick had mild symptoms or were asymptomatic. The long-term care facility continues to be vigilant in taking all recommended safety precautions to ensure no further staff or residents get sick.

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