A Zoo for Plants: Botanical Gardens coming soon

You’ll soon be able to take a walk through a spiraling trellis where plants become architecture. Visitors can taste the sights and smells of the Edible Garden in Louisville’s own Waterfront Botanical Gardens, slated to open in October 2019.

The Waterfront Botanical Gardens are the creation of Botanica, a local gardening organization whose goal is to develop experiences that promote a greater understanding of plants and a more sustainable world.  

Hundreds of trees have been planted and over 15,000 plants are already growing.  Construction is well underway. The continuing phases will feature expansions including the Visitor’s Center and Water Filtration Garden. 

The Graeser Family Education Center is the first structure slated for completion. This early phase will also include the educational gardens around the center, the Evergreen Tapestry, a pollinator meadow, and pieces of garden infrastructure. This approach enables the gardens to make smart, early investments and establish  the first piece of the garden in a relatively short time.

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