BlueOval SK Battery Park expected to have major impact on Kentucky’s economy, study says

By Quin Welch, Building Kentucky

The BlueOval SK Battery Park in Glendale is expected to have a major impact on Kentucky’s economy.

A joint economic impact study conducted by the Kentucky League of Cities and Murray State University found that the BlueOval SK Battery Park in Glendale will generate an estimated $800 million in value-added impact on local governments in Hardin County and its surrounding counties. 

“The results show what city officials have known since work began to attract this facility to the region. The BlueOval SK Battery Park will not just have a transformative impact on the state and region’s economies but also on individual communities and the people who live and work there,” KLC Executive Director and CEO James D. Chaney said. “KLC is committed to working with local governments and economic development officials to prepare for these exciting changes and the very different future they will bring.”

The study used modeling software to estimate the economic impact of the BlueOval SK Battery Park when it is fully staffed at 5,000 employees. Once BlueOval SK brings those employees into the fold, the park’s predicted local, state and federal tax impact is expected to be an estimated $158 million. 

Elizabethtown Mayor Jeff Gregory said it is crucial that leaders in the area work together to ensure that the area’s communities thrive after this historic project comes to fruition.

“The opportunity for discussion with our counterparts and economic development experts within the region is paramount to our success,” Elizabethtown Mayor Jeff Gregor said. “We must ensure that everyone is on the same page and pulling in the same direction to make this unprecedented investment a success.”

Click here to read the full study and learn more about how the BlueOval SK project is expected to impact Kentucky’s economy.  

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