Bill filed based on KYTC highway plan

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s $6.1 billion six-year highway plan is the basis for a budget bill filed by two Kentucky lawmakers.

Reps. Steven Rudy, R-Paducah and Sal Santoro, R-Florence have filed HB 354 with the 2020-2022 biennial highway construction plan, which includes a mix of state and federal dollars to fund recommended projects.

The bill includes $71.64 million to widen the Mountain Parkway from Campton to KY 205. KYTC also said they plan to work with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to make a plan to finance the reminder of the I-69 Ohio River Crossing (ORX) project. The new $1.1 billion bridge in Henderson County would connect US 60 North to I-69 in Evansville, Ind.

Allocations for $8 million for 400 guardrail projects on 3400 miles of improvements are included, along with $23 million increase in state funding to boost the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program funding to $100 million over two years and $80 annually to repair and replace bridges in the Bridging Kentucky project.

The bill has been assigned to the House Appropriations & Revenue Committee. Read the entire 2020 Recommended Highway Plan on KYTC’s website.

— Rachel Nix

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