Aware Recovery Care brings in-home addiction treatment to Kentucky

By Jennifer Brislin, Building Kentucky

Aware Recovery Care announced this week it would soon begin providing its highly successful in-home addiction treatment services in Kentucky, offering those suffering from substance abuse disorder the chance to recover from drug and alcohol addiction in the privacy of their own home.

The in-home, personalized treatment model – the only in-home program in the state, and the largest of its kind in the country – allows individuals to get treatment while they maintain their jobs, families and responsibilities.

“We’re a people-first company, and I’m so proud to be bringing our mission to Kentucky and helping individuals get their lives back,” said Brian Holzer MD, Aware CEO. “Aware’s modern, personalized approach lets clients recover in the real world, where they’ll learn to face their triggers and environmental factors. Perhaps most importantly, our holistic model serves the entire family. Home is truly the optimal environment where clients and families can heal together.”

Aware is based in Louisville, but the company will initially be able to serve individuals as far south as Bowling Green, and as far east as Lexington.

Aware’s presence “speaks to the recognition of just how important this work is,” said Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman, who attended the launch announcement. “We all know that here in Kentucky, we can’t reach our full potential when a portion of our citizens are weighed down by addiction. This program is another option for Kentuckians to get treatment that will ultimately not just benefit them, but their families, their communities and everybody around them.”

“Recognizing that addiction is a disease we cannot incarcerate our way out of, we must have treatment to give people help,” said Congressman-Elect Morgan McGarvey. “But really, a crisis becomes the parent of opportunity. This is further opportunity for us to take care of our friends, our family and our neighbors, and supported by policy married with this innovation.”

Throughout the program, clients receive care from a multidisciplinary team who meet with the client in the home for up to a year. The core treatment team, including a psychiatric professional, registered nurse or licensed social worker, licensed family therapist, and two certified in-home addiction treatment coaches and/or counselors, addresses the medical, emotional, and mental health issues required to maintain sobriety and achieve lasting recovery.

With its proven model, Aware’s program is evidence-based and effective. Current clinical outcomes show that integrated medical and behavioral care and compassionate monitoring in the home promotes positive outcomes for people struggling with addiction:

  • Individuals enrolled in Aware programs achieved an 83 percent completion rate at 90 days, compared to 32 percent in traditional programs.
  • 78 percent of participants were drug and alcohol-free at 90 days, based on UA toxicology screens, and 78 percent report being abstinent from drugs and alcohol six months post treatment.
  • During the 6-12 months after completion of Aware Recovery Care treatment, emergency department admissions for participants fell 77 percent, compared to the year before entering Aware.

For local communities, the in-home program offers a powerful new tool to combat substance abuse. Kentucky tops the list of states in per-capita drug-related deaths, tied with West Virginia, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Ohio, and Tennessee, according to a 2022 report by WalletHub.

“There’s no question that the need is great for a program like Aware in Kentucky,” said State Senator Julie Raque Adams. “Overdose deaths increased by 15 percent in our state over the course of just one year, and it’s critical that we reverse that trend. In-home treatment outcomes are better than the national recovery average, giving us a compassionate and effective way to help Kentuckians in need.”

The launch comes as Aware expands and prepares for expansive growth. This week the company announced the appointment of Martha Mather, formerly of UofL Health Peace Hospital, as COO, bolstering its leadership and expertise in the mental health field. The fast-growing company is now operating in 10 states, with plans to expand to 18 within the next two years.

Aware Recovery Care is currently covered under Anthem commercial health plans. For more information on treatment, visit

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