Workshop connects business and arts to strengthen communities

As The Lane Report’s Central Kentucky Market Review, released last month, indicates on its cover, Central Kentucky is primed for growth. Furthermore, the arts and business, together, can play a vital part in that growth, and the Kentucky Arts Council has teamed with the AIR Institute of Berea College to help bring those two seemingly different sectors together through a 2½-day community development workshop called AIR Shift.

“What if we got all these people in a room together and we discover that we have the same value system and we struggle with the same things?” asked Beth Flowers, the executive director of the AIR Institute. “In fact, if we find common ground and respect each other, we can help solve each other’s problems. Our communities get stronger and we become more nimble to deal with this new economy that is still completely unpredictable.”

That sums up the premise of AIR Shift – being a connection of art, business and community. Participating in an AIR Shift workshop involves applying a broad interpretation of what and where the creative industry is.

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