Kentucky Cited for Pro-Business Policies Like P3

Kentucky economic development leaders are getting out the word about our pro-business initiatives — including legislation to allow public-private partnerships — and gaining some national attention from site selection publications.

Transportation Funding Critical to Kentucky’s Safety and Economic Development

With a focus on improving roads, bridges to help advance economic development, Rep. Sal Santoro says the legislature is working to do more than ever to improve Kentucky infrastructure funding.

“Opportunity Zones” Create Opportunities for Public-Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships provide opportunities for local communities to combat some of the biggest issues facing the nation today.

It’s Time to Get Used to the Concept of “Smart Cities”

It’s not enough to think in the present. It’s better to think with the future in mind.

How An Airport Authority is Redeveloping an Abandoned New Building

Open walls, exposed metal framing and lack of electrical wiring and plumbing describe an incomplete building at the Grand Junction Regional Airport.

Tax Reform Has Real Impact on Commercial Real Estate Industry

The federal income tax legislation signed late last year by President Trump ushers in sweeping tax law changes that significantly benefit the construction industry.

New Legislation Could Increase P3 Investment to Restore Public Buildings

Limitations on public-private investment to restore public buildings may be uplifted following the Public Buildings Renewal Act (S. 3177/H.R. 5361), or PBRA, and there’s an active bipartisan group of mayors and governors strongly encouraging congress to make sure it passes.