Emerging Smart Cities Rely on Public-Private Partnerships

While the self-driving car isn’t readily available to consumers on the market, the age of autonomous vehicles and smart cities is upon us.

GA Affordable Housing P3s Growing

Affordable housing has become a top priority for the state of Georgia as cities like Atlanta are searching for new ways to fund low-income residences.

Louisville P3 Brings Tech Training to Area High School Students

Louisville will be the home of 10,000 open tech jobs by 2020, and a new public-private partnership is preparing high school students in the city to be ready for entry-level positions following training.

Study: KY Transportation Improvements Provide 3-to-1 ROI

A new economic analysis released today found that Kentucky’s economy could gain an additional $3.33 for every dollar invested in transportation.

Bevin Talks Roads, Airports and Gas Tax

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin was the closing speaker at last week’s three-day Kentucky Transportation Conference, talking to attendees about the importance of Kentucky’s transportation infrastructure and how the state is attempting to address massive needs to improve it.

Texas Welcomes New Capital Complex Center

The state of Texas has agreed to a public-private partnership to create a Capital Complex Master Plan to consolidate most of the state’s agencies in two buildings.

First-of-its-Kind P3 Helps Minnesota Farmers with Water Quality

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture recently entered a first-of-its-kind public-private partnership to improve water quality in Southern Minnesota, putting farmers in control of their conservation practices.

KYTC Releases 2018 Road Plan

The Kentucky Department of Transportation 2018 road plan recently released reveals over $1 billion in funding being distributed to projects across the Commonwealth to repair roads and bridges in the FY 2018-FY 2020.

Georgia Preps Three P3 RFQs

The Georgia Department of Transportation is preparing to launch a request for qualifications for advisory contracts and a broadband P3.

Kentucky’s Braidy Industries Hires Executive Board

Braidy Industries, a multi-billion aluminum rolling mill that recently located to Greenup County, Kentucky, has hired the executive board that may bring new public-private partnerships to the state.