Speeding Up Infrastructure Projects with a P3

New Los Angeles County transit lines are expected to open sooner rather than later.

Six Kentucky Banks Start $150 Million Infrastructure Fund

Six Kentucky-based banks have launched a first-of-its kind investment fund to support public-private partnership projects throughout Kentucky. The institutions launching the $150 million Commonwealth Infrastructure Fund are among the largest community banks in the state.

Sports, Entertainment Partnerships Could Provide Big Boost for Kentucky

Louisville City FC’s planned soccer stadium project is just the latest example of how public-private partnerships can inject significant capital into Kentucky’s tourism and entertainment industries and create a significant number of jobs and tax dollars for citizens of the Commonwealth.

Gov. Bevin Calls Brent Spence a ‘National Infrastructure Priority’

Drivers describe traffic conditions on the Brent Spence Bridge that spans the Ohio River between Covington, Ky., and Cincinnati, Ohio as a “bottleneck,” a “choke point,” a “source of gridlock” and a variety of other less printable names.

Hurricane Harvey Response May Come Through Public-Private Partnerships

The key to rebuilding Houston after Hurricane Harvey may reside within a public-private partnership.

Missouri High-Speed Hyperloop May Benefit Millions

A new public-private partnership may lead to the development of a Missouri Hyperloop that reach approximately five million people.

L.A. Transit Agency Now in Housing Business, Thanks to P3

Los Angeles’ transit agency is in business with more than just bus and metro lines.