Let There Be Light! NH Bridge Lighted by P3

A recent public-private partnership with Affinity LED Lighting installed new lights along the multi-purpose bridge following the removal of the lights in 2012 by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.

Cancer Moonshot Initiative Supported by Partnership

Over the next five years $215 million will be used to fund a new public-private partnership designed to research immunotherapy treatment in support of the Cancer Moonshot initiative.

Debate about Broadband Service Sparks in Lakeland, Fla.

Lakeland, Florida city officials are on the fence about whether to enter a public-private partnership to supply broadband services to residents or launch a public service pilot program.

Think Big – Think Tank May Come to Chicago South Loop

Chicago will potentially see a few changes after the development of a new think tank called the Discovery Partners Institute, a public-private partnership that will use land donated by Related Midwest in the city’s South Loop.

Terre Haute Regional Airport Named Airport of the Year

Terre Haute Regional Airport (THRA) has been recognized as the “Airport of the Year” by the Aviation Association of America following recent airport updates to drive economic development in the area.

Kentucky Town Discusses City Hall TIF

The city of Dayton, Kentucky is busting aT the seams for a new city hall to meet community expectations.

$1 Billion Project could be Competed 10 Years Ahead of Schedule

A Michigan public-private partnership could shorten the construction schedule of a $1 billion highway project by nearly a decade, according to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Kentucky P3s are Picking Up but Needs Are Great

Many communities across the country – from the Commonwealth to California – are dealing with the same problem. The economy has improved since the dark days of the Great Recession, but the deferred costs to maintain, improve and replace critical infrastructure have mounted, far outweighing their means to pay for projects without new tax dollars.

JetBlue, New York Port Authority Reduce Greenhouse Emissions with P3

JetBlue, New York Port Authority Reduce Greenhouse Emissions with P3

Central Oregon Streamlines Internship Program for Young People

Preparing students for a successful transition into the workforce is an ongoing challenge, but Central Oregon has a plan to bring meaningful work experience to young people with a 50 member public-private partnership.