State Parks Offer Excellent Opportunities for P3 Projects

Kentucky’s state parks provide a great opportunity for major investments in resort hotels and amenities through public-private partnerships, according to a panel of experts who spoke last week at Greater Louisville Inc.’s Issues and Influencers series.

Kentucky Chamber Advocates For Sustainable Infrastructure

Kentucky Chamber president and CEO Dave Adkisson believes in sustainable infrastructure, and he recently met with the House Working Group on Kentucky’s Transportation to advocate for infrastructure investment in the Commonwealth.

Louisville’s New Thrive Center Showcasing Senior Living Care Technology

Senior living homes are adjusting to new technology in the 21st center, and Louisville, Kentucky is at the forefront of the movement.

USAID: Moving From Grant-Making To Collaboration With Private Enterprises

Big things are happening in the field of development, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is jumping on board to the changing environment between public and private enterprises.

Missouri Partnership Boosts Home Improvements, Clean Energy

Residents in Saint Charles, Mo., who live in older homes are upgrading to modern, 21st century, energy-saving fixtures as a result of a recent public-private partnership.

‘Old-Fashioned’ U.S. Infrastructure Isn’t Enough

The “old-fashioned” way of infrastructure investments isn’t working anymore, according to Cornell University professor R. Richard Geddes.

Gov. Bevin Sees P3 Future for I-69 bridge, State Parks and Airports

Gov. Matt Bevin said Tuesday that he expects public-private partnerships to be a solution for major public infrastructure projects, including the I-69 Ohio River Crossing project in Western Kentucky, as many as five state resort parks across the Commonwealth and perhaps a major airport expansion.

Kentucky Launches Website Focused on P3s

This week, the Commonwealth of Kentucky rolled out a website aimed at providing an “easily accessible array of information that government agencies and potential private sector partners need to understand about solicited and unsolicited public-private-partnerships.”

P3 Panel Talks About Possibilities of P3 Across Kentucky

In partnership with Greater Louisville Inc. and Government Strategies, P3 Kentucky convened a panel of experts this week to share their experiences with public-private projects and to discuss the opportunities that exist to improve public infrastructure across Kentucky.

Partnership Opportunities on the Horizon in KY

Greenup County, Kentucky is welcoming a new a multi-billion dollar neighbor: Braidy Industries.